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Nearshore in Portugal

We deliver strong web development and intelligent process automation capabilities, to help you to transform and grow your business.

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About us

Experience you can trust

LBC is an international management consulting and digital transformation firm, with headquarters registered in Portugal since 2001. Also registered in California since 2008. Web Development and Process Automation are two of our verticals.

In 2023, LBC was considered “Digital Leader”
in the competition best companies to work for.

High Client Satisfaction:




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Our Services

In Web Development and Intelligent Process Automation

Turn-key Solutions

You tell us what you need, we’ll do it for you.

In the process, we will interact with you to keep you updated about the developments, so that you can tune them to your updated needs.

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Team Augmentation

You tell us what you need, we will make the resources available for you.

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Experience of our development team


Years of
Experience on


With International



Degree & Master




Web Development

User-centered innovative experiences

Front-end Development

Back-end Development



  • Intranet
  • Networking platforms
  • Corporate Portals
  • E-learning
  • Tailor-made Development
  • E-commerce 

Research &

We transform ideas into user-focused products. Our work is done closely with our customers to pinpoint the problem that needs to be addressed. Afterward, we research and analyze the market and design a customer journey, in order to ensure the best possible solution.


We are committed to create the best possible interface and experience that helps you achieve your goals. From the initial sketch, using successful methodologies like Design Thinking, Interaction Design, User Journey, Usability Testing, to the high-fidelity prototype (grids, color, texture, layout, visual and motion design).

Development &

We associate Design with Engineering to create a solution that fits your business needs with the right technological package, elegantly and efficiently.

Maintenance &

A product doesn’t stop evolving after the first launch. We work closely with our customers to ensure the stability, scalability, and growth of every solution we build.

  • Business Analysts
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Software architects
  • Engineers & Developers
  • Testers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Accessibility Experts

Intelligent process automation

BPM, RPA, Process Data Analytics

BPM Platforms

Cora Sequence, Camunda and Bonita Soft logo

Front-end Development

Java Script, Bootstrap, Telerik and JQurey logo

Back-end Development

.NET, JAVA and Python logo

BPM Maturity and Readiness Assessment​

We help companies evaluate their maturity level as well as their readiness to change and adopt a performance-oriented culture, based on a business management’s process. Together we will design a successful BPM adoption program by addressing a few critical success factors.

After a BPM Readiness Assessment, we help companies select the technology that best fits their needs and also engages in one of the possible and different business models, consequently  helping the company successfully achieve its BPM goals.

A BPM CoE will play an important role in helping the company design and establish a long-term vision and methodical approach to implement BPM initiatives and practices such as: process governance best practices; continuous improvement culture and practices; establishment of standards and optimization of resources.

Most companies have different internal systems where parts of their processes are implemented and/or where specific data is managed (ex: HR data). BPM platforms orchestrate and implement the company’s processes in order to integrate with third party systems. We offer extensive knowledge and experience in these third-party integrations.​

By analyzing and mining the process execution data, we help companies identifying areas and processes that are candidates to (re)engineering and improvement hence eliminating their constraints and bottlenecks, thus contributing to a continuous improvement strategy based on real life data.

LBC is able to provide resources with know-how and experience in supporting and maintain BPM implementations within companies that do not have such resources.

Most BPM platforms provide out-of-the-box impressive features and capabilities. However, in real life, companies very often need to adapt and customize these platforms and developments to very specific needs. LBC provides experienced full stack developers that help with these specific needs and customizations.

  • Business Analysts
  • Developers, with strong Full-Stack capabilities ​
  • Process Mining and Data Analysts​
  • Process Modeling (BPMN 2.0 DMN UML)
  • Reengineering Analysts
  • UXUI Designers
  • Software Developers

By design our work includes



vitruvius man icon

We have accessibility experts, who ensure WCAG 2.2 standard and European Accessibility Act compliance in our projects.

Cyber security

Cybersecurity icon

We value your cyber security concerns and our experts will help to keep your project safe.


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Holistic approach

LBC combines business and technology skills for the best results. Our strategy DNA combined with advanced digital skills, ensures pragmatic services focused on inspiring solutions.

Customized Service

LBC does not assume large-scale projects, but rather smaller engagements where proximity, quality, agility, and our full attention and top-level performance can be guaranteed.

Performance-focused, beyond staffing

LBC makes available to you our vertical knowledge on web development and process automation.We use our team for advisory, software development or team augmentation. We may have to reinforce our team to better respond to your needs, but the contractual relationship is always with us.

A Bridge to Silicon Valley

We have done Technology Watch, supported the Acceleration of international startups, and conducted Immersion Programs on Innovation for executives in Silicon Valley.

Happy People will deliver
better and faster

In 2023, LBC was considered “Digital Leader”
in the competition “Best Companies to Work For”.

Why Portugal

Portugal has a very high quality of engineering talent at a competitive cost, the world’s seventh-highest non-native English proficiency, and a leading tech environment where excellence meets innovation.

Top Talent

Portugal has been recognized as a top-ranked talent hub in quality/price ratio with very high English-speaking proficiency.

  • #1 in language skills
  • #2 highest rate of new engineer graduates in Europe (OECD; 2020)
  • #12 in management education
  • #14 in university education
  • #15 in graduates in science (IMD World Talent Report, 2020)
  • Several universities in top world rankings
  • 14,1% Foreign Students In Higher Education (2019/2020; OECD)
  • Recurring and future Web Summit host, until 2028

Remarkable adaptability and flexibility to every kind of challenges. Historical and memorable multicultural bridge makers.

  • 1 hour difference to Central European Time
  • Nearest European country to US and Canada (5 hours from New York)
  • Same time zone as UK and Ireland
  • #1 in quality of life for expatriates
  • #3 safest nation in the planet
  • #7 in the world in political and social stability
  • #3 planet & climate index ranking (Source:, 149 countries)

Portuguese open economy engages top-rated technological and entrepreneurial companies (like Google, Siemens or Microsoft).

  • #1 trading across borders (World Bank)
  • #2 most open country to FDI (OECD)
  • #21 better infrastructure (WEF)
  • #8 IEB digitalization index (EU, 2021)
  • #31 innovation capability (WEF)

One of the fastest growing start-up ecosystems with 4 unicorns

Largest 3D metal industrial printer in the world

Service Centers with: 35% providing ICT & software services; 85% employees with higher education; 45% operating in more than 1 language; Annual growth rate of 14%; 8% of employees with foreign nationality

Meet the Team


Carlos Oliveira

Partner LBC

LBC Digital Partner and Head of Web Development

Pedro Lima

LBC Digital Partner
and Head of Web Development

Hugo Dias,Process Automation Senior Manager

Hugo Dias

Head of Business & Process Automation
Senior Manager


Nuno Franca

CTO & AI & Data Analytics
Senior Manager


Nuno Duarte

Head of UX&UI Design and Digital Accessibility

Why is Nearshoring growing in Portugal?

Nearshore services have increased over time in Portugal, and we are here to explain why. IT Nearshore in Portugal is on the rise and the pandemic Covid-19 didn’t slow it down.

Asked Questions

LBC, based in Portugal, provides services in onshoring, nearshoring, and offshoring to the Portuguese, European, and North American markets.

Nearshore refers to outsourcing to clients located in close proximity in terms of time zones, such as Germany.

Offshore refers to outsourcing to clients with considerable time zone differences, such as California.

Onshore refers to outsourcing to service providers located in Portugal.

The comparative advantages of each relate to criteria of cost savings, time savings, convenience, efficient communication.

LBC optimizes these criteria for the Portuguese, European, and North American markets, with competitive prices for a high quality of delivery, proficient English communication (plus French, Spanish and German), time-zone convenience, cultural alignment, legal responsibility, and IP Protection (registered in Europe and in California).

In some cases, we can bundle our services to make the best of different solutions, as in the case of a US client for whom we provided project management of a development team chosen by the client located in India. The Indian team developed code, LBC managed and revised the work, and then engaged with the US client, making the most out of time zone differences and relative unit costs to maximize results.

Portugal also offers specialized professionals with a high degree of adaptability across all sectors at highly competitive costs and supported by the excellence of its infrastructures. In the past 10 years, a wide range of global digital companies have set up internal nearshore hubs in Portugal and Portuguese service providers have been substantially increasing their services to the international market.LBC recruits its staff at the top universities such as Nova and Católica for management and Instituto Superior Técnico, Nova, and Minho for software development. LBC has been considered at the top of “best company to work” in all the years it competed (1st, 2nd and 3rd place in its category).

Cost Optimization and Resource Management are the more easily measurable advantages, yet you also benefit from educated feedback during the development process, a diverse set of new opinions and ideas on your projects, and similar legal procedures regarding IP protection.

We exist to support you in this journey, as a trusted and personalized consultant capable of strong execution. You can count on us to lead your next project with an innovative vision and ongoing communication, so you can always know what is happening at every point and specify every adjustment you deem necessary.  Our client’s satisfaction is always our top priority, and we are proud to have an extensive record of success stories from our previous partners.

LBC is always looking for new talent to help us serve our clients with the best possible product.

We strive to learn and evolve with every project, and we welcome everyone that can help us move forward!

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