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Why is Nearshoring growing in Portugal?

Nearshore services have increased over time in Portugal, and we are here to explain why. IT Nearshore in Portugal is on the rise and the pandemic Covid-19 didn’t slow it down. 
With remote work becoming the norm nowadays worldwide, the IT sector becomes a vibrant industry to look at. 

Many of you have known Portugal from being the (sunny) capital chosen to host Web Summit for several years in a row. But Portugal is more than that. Portugal’s economy is growing robustly above the European Union average and the appealing conditions of cost-efficient skilled labor and transparency in legal matters are some of the many factors to consider.

Portugal has been recognized as a leading tech environment where excellence meets innovation, engaging top-rated technological and entrepreneurial companies like Google, Siemens and Microsoft.

Time-zone compatibility and our prime location deserves full consideration, given the close proximity (being 1 hour difference) to Central European Time and considering that it is the nearest European country to the US and Canada). 

Moreover, effective communication is key to effective nearshoring, and Portugal holds the title of being the world’s seventh-highest non-native English proficiency, perfectly suiting this service model.

On top of that, according to the OECD ranking in 2020, Portugal presents the 2nd highest rate of new engineer graduates in Europe, offering a large talent hub at a competitive quality/price ratio compared to other markets. 

Portugal is a must for all companies that need to operate across digital spectrums in which flexibility and adaptability are compelling non-negotiables. 

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